Ryan Broshear's debut single off of his new "Paint It Red" EP will be "Spin Me".  Written by Ryan Broshear and producer/songwriter Daniel Agee (Big Yellow Dog Music), “Spin Me” is an energetic mid-tempo song with a catchy lyric.  It’s a new “spin” on a guy falling head over heels in love which likens a new relationship to a refreshing song stuck in your head.  You'll want to turn it up, crank it loud and sing along.  Give it a spin and see what you think!
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Posted by Matt Bjorke on June 30, 2015 at 5:42 pm

Ryan Broshear - Paint It Red EP (Painted Horse Records) 
After scoring some hits with his self-titled album from 2012 (like “I Don’t Mind” and “Make Each Moment Last”), Ryan Broshear returns with this six track EP which he was able to make through crowdfunding. Broshear’s voice remains his best calling card but Paint It Red offers a man with the talent to hit the mainstream if given a shot. “Spin Me” hits all the right mid tempo melodic spots and that’s enough to suggest radio success while “Friday Night In A Small Town” may be the best song that hasn’t been (yet) recorded by Jason Aldean Luke Bryan or Thomas Rhett. It’s a radio-ready anthem that SiriusXM should want to spin the tails off of (it also features the title of the album in the chorus). Each of these songs is written or co-written by Broshear except for “Boots,” a song producer Daniel Agee co-wrote with Justin Weaver. While solidly a neb-traditionalist type of artist, Paint It Red showcases how such an artist can release music which is both traditionally-minded and contemporary at the same time.


"Paint It Red" available now for download on iTunes. Download your copy today!

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